Car Repair & Maintenance Services in SE QLD

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Are you looking for time and cost effective car repair & maintenance services in SE QLD to get rid of your vehicle problems and maintain its performance?  At Enoggera Workshop, we provide an extensive range of services for all car models and brands to car owners, in and around,  Brisbane’s northern suburbs. If you need solutions for your car problems, regular scheduled maintenance,  or prompt mechanical repairs,  you can rely on our car service professionals.

Enoggera Workshop is the one stop shop for all car repair, diagnosis, servicing, performance upgrades, regular maintenance, or tune ups and related services. Our reliable services come with the promise of quality and ensure that your vehicle performs at its peak levels at all times. We focus on providing flexible solutions based on the particular requirements of car owners and offer full  warranties on all of  our services. With over 40 years of experience in the mechanical trade,  you can expect the very best level of service from our dedicated tradespeople.

Let’s have a look at our list of services –
1.  Helpful advice

2. Full range of mechanical services

3. Brakes repair

4. Clutch service & maintenance

5. Air conditioning

6. Handbook services

7. Steering and suspension

8. Tyres and wheel alignment

9. Automatic transmission servicing

10. General servicing and repairs

11. EFI diagnostic and repairs

12. Performance Enhancement

13. Fuel injector cleaning

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