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Mechanical Services

Do you require affordable mechanical services in QLD to diagnose and repair your car mechanical issues? Our experienced technicians do a detailed check-up of your car and identify its issues and provide the exact fixes instantly.

Our reliable mechanic services help you maintain your car’s performance and safety standards while keeping down car repair & maintenance costs. We have 40 years of experience, in helping car owners keep their vehicles in peak condition.

Full range of mechanical services

Our full range of mechanical services include complete repair of your engine, car components, tune ups, fluid replacement, brake and tire, fluid replacement and more within the best available rates in QLD.

You can visit us for an expert car status check-up anytime and we will recommend what needs to be done in order to fix your car problems without delay. We deliver professional repair & maintenance solutions to suit your budgets and expectations.

Brake Repairs

We provide comprehensive brake repairs and maintenance services for our clients, including callipers, wheel cylinders, hydraulics and disc rotor service and maintenance. We have got fast and durable solutions,  for all brake related issues.

If you are facing brake problems like a sticking brake pedal, noisy brakes, brake vibration, brake pedal pulsation, brake warning lights, hard pedal, low pedal, car pulling , locking , or any  other brake related issues, we can fix them instantly.

Clutch Service & Replacement

Our clutch service & replacement services are the right solutions for  car owners who are facing clutch related issues. Our expert mechanics do a comprehensive inspection of your clutch and promptly resolve any faults. We also recommend the ideal clutch replacements to suit your budget.

We use premium quality clutch parts based on your specific car models and offer a no-obligation inspection of your clutch system. Our service experts provide professional clutch replacement and fitting solutions with, where possible,  the option of same day replacement.

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