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Air Conditioning

If you are failing to get effective cooling from your car air conditioning system or facing AC related problems, our repair & maintenance services can help you out. We get to the bottom of your cooling problems and offer cost effective solutions.

In Queensland’s heat, air conditioning is a VERY! important aspects of a car’s maintenance regime, and might show issues from time to time. With our professional car air conditioning service, we offer AC inspection, repair, maintenance and replacement options if necessary.

Handbook Services

Do you want to get service done on your car within its warranty period without having to visit your car dealer? We provide log book services for your specific car brand, without compromising your new car warranty, and prefer to use genuine manufacturers parts.

Our handbook services are tailor made to suit your vehicle’s specific needs to identify problems, so you can inform your dealer if  you need to take it back. Our car handbook services are available at highly affordable rates to all our clients.

Steering and Suspension

Steering and suspension are two of the most important components of your car that need regular monitoring and maintenance. Our experienced car service professionals offer comprehensive inspection and repair of your car’s steering and suspension systems.

We perform detailed checkups of your car’s front & rear ends, coil springs, power steering, steering fluid, bushings, struts, shockers, CV joints and axles. Our service also includes solutions for steering related issues such as hard turning, vehicle wandering, vehicle bouncing etc.

Tyres and Wheel Alignment

The precise alignment of your wheels is very important for maintaining the safety and performance of your car. Our expert car mechanics are designed to check and service your wheel alignment for best results, making sure that you get the very best, out of your tyres!

You will get complete, and cost effective  solutions to issues such as uneven tyre wear, front and rear wheel alignment, directional problems, Camber, Caster, Thrust Line, Toe in and Toe out, with our  inspection and maintenance. Say goodbye to unnecessary tyre wears and make the necessary adjustments.

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