How to change a flat tyre in under 15 minutes

Did you know that flat tyres are the reason behind many emergencies on the roadside? If you cannot possibly get to Enoggera Workshop who will happily assist you with your tyre’s then here is a step by step guide to help you change your tyre in under 15 minutes.

Preparation – Ensure that you have a lug wrench, owner’s manual, spare tyre, and wheel wedges in your car at all times.

Turn Your Hazard Lights On – Turn your hazard lights on as soon as you realise that you have a flat tyre. This will alert other drivers to slow down and then you are able to locate a suitable part of the road to stop your car safely.

Find A Suitable Location – Park your car to the side of the road and ensure that you are away from the incoming traffic. You do not want to be struck by oncoming vehicles. Come to a complete stop and park your car safely to the side.

Is you car stable?– Ensure that your car doesn’t roll down the road once you start working on it. Use wheel wedges to ensure that your car doesn’t roll ahead and make sure that it is safe and does not roll forward before you start fixing the flat tyre. If you are fixing the front tyre, then place the wheel wedges ahead of it, and similarly, if you are working on the rear tyre, then place the wedge behind it.

Hubcap Removal – Remove the hubcap if your tyres have them before proceeding to the next step. Refer to your owner’s manual.

Loosening Lug Nuts – You can use the lug wrench for lug nuts loosening, but don’t loosen them all the way. Loosen the lug nuts halfway.

Raising Your Car – Use a jack to raise your car before you start replacing your flat tyre. Ensure that you place it on the same side as the flat tyre.

Remove Lug Nuts – Use a lug wrench or your hands and remove the lug nuts. Ensure that you don’t misplace the nuts, so keep them safe.

Flat Tyre Removal – Grip the flat tyre firmly on the treads and remove it by pulling it towards yourself. Place it on the ground sideways so that it doesn’t roll away.

Replace the Tyre – Use the spare tyre to put it into place and then move on to the next step.

Put the Lug Nuts in Place – Put the lug nuts back where they belong but do not tighten them entirely just yet.

Have a professional check and replace your flat tyre – Head to Enoggera Workshop to have a professional check the tyre for you, we are able to do free safety checks, and also organise a new tyre so that you are all safe and ready to go.
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